Don’t know what to write about? Good! Our next prompt for Photogene is here! It’s from Aleksandr Peterson.


The rules:

1. Take a long look at this fantastic photo (how could you not?). Let the light, the lack of light, the reflection of light burn into your retinas until you have no choice but to write it all away.

2. Write no more than 500 words of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that have been inspired by the photo.

3. Email your piece as an attachment to

The winner will be posted on the site and drink to their success from our new prize:

The contest closes on Friday, November 28.

And don’t forget, we’re always accepting art/photography to serve as the next round’s prompt. The winner also gets a mug! Go here for more details.

Now, please, devastate us!


Aleksandr Peterson is a fiction-writer and hobby photographer from central Tennessee.  His images are shot in both digital and film formats and focus on natural landscapes, especially when subsumed by decay.  He holds an MFA in creative writing from UC Riverside and a B.S. in journalism from Tennessee Tech University.  See more of his photos at