Cassandra Troyan

Fight Between Friends


By Cassandra Troyan

Drew had chunky lips and fronted with a swagger so hard it seemed like he was limping.

Southern chawed game fell all around but he was actually from an Ohio suburb. Bubba Sparxxx pantomime but the show, curious.

He played football like he couldn’t be bothered but he used to get high with my boyfriend who was the captain of the football team. He was around, but not much else.

His pompom girlfriend had a raw voice, her mean face always crowding out human presses had some venom clotted up until finally she said bring the blood, bitch. I scrunched no quarrel, or response.

Thought instead, bore bore. Took away chatting uncatty near the taxidermied lion in the lobby, post-cigarettes and finger fuck. Mid-laugh when a pay-phone mashed hard, my skull slowed in the movement. Again, then blotted eye corner and I wanted to still but had to re-sway obtuse.

I swung for a skin grab found a hair nape and held tight until I blowed back and smacked a jawline. One to whimper down, and no need even for two to steel it right out to the black. No, no word again for me.

Cassandra Troyan is an artist, writer, and filmmaker who is interested in getting blunted. She is the author of THRONE OF BLOOD (Solar Luxuriance 2013), and forthcoming this winter, BLACKEN ME BLACKEN ME, GROWLED (Tiny Hardcore Press). She curates the reading and performance series ARTIFICIAL EAR in Chicago, IL with Peter Jurmu where she currently lives and works.