Editor’s Note 6

Editor’s Note

Justin Lawrence Daugherty

We get busy sometimes. We have so much to do. We are so overwhelmed with school, work, kids or even without kids. We want to see our friends. We want comfort and play and fun and time alone.

And, sometimes, it’s easy to get behind with the stuff that means the most to us. We let obligations gets in the way.

What is most important to me is the spreading and promotion of great literature. And, with Issue Six (albeit just a few weeks late), we have a beautiful vehicle with which to do that. You’re busy. You have things to do. You work, work, work, work. You might have kids. Whatever it is, you’re busy. But, there’s time for this. There is. You’ll be glad you settled in with a glass of wine or a bottle of whiskey or a pint of ice cream and read this issue.

It is stellar. I’ll let the issue speak for itself.

JUSTIN LAWRENCE DAUGHERTY is the Founding & Managing Editor of Sundog Lit. He also edits Cartridge Lit, a lit mag dedicated to literature inspired by video games.