Friday Rex

Friday Rex!

Every Friday, we’ll post a list of things that burned our retinas, that really felt earth-scorching to us. We want you to read, and we want you to love these things like we do. Sit back, read, let this incendiary work burn into your skin.

August 2

Robert Kloss |Excerpt: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead
Barrelhouse | Beach Reads Issue
Erin Fortenberry | FIELD GUIDE FOR FOOLS

July 26

Sam Martone | Coyote Girl
Sophie Rosenblum | Listen to Sophie
Amber Sparks | Novel in Progress
Patricia Lockwood | RAPE JOKE

June 14

Anne Cecilia Holmes | Modes of Living I Fawn over but Brace for Winter & Introducing for the Last Time
Melissa Broder, Heather Christle, and Carrie Murphy in Stoked V
Matthew Burnside| In Japan There Are Crows as Big as Bicycles and All the Girls Are Blue-Haired Nymphets in Sailor Skirts Quivering for Tentacle Love: An American’s Brief but Indispensable Guide to the World at Large
Mary Miller |  A Closet Full of Costumes
Lindsay Hunter | LIKE

June 7

Daniel Romo | Prounouns
Jill Talbot | The Sage Couch
Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney| In the House of Self-Undoing
Dillon J. Welch | Axiom
Michelle Bailat-Jones | Of Friends and Revelry and Bounty
Andrew F. Sullivan | A Bird in the Hand Is Worthless

March 15

Anna Journey | Widowmaker: How to Get Struck by Lightning
Heather Christle | And This Too Comes Apart
Kimberly Ann Southwick | This, And
Mary Cafferty’s | Torn Map Cities
Sarah Rose Etter | Wretcher
Delaney Nolan | World That Owes

February 22

February 15

Scott McClanahan | A Story About Ruby that Will Shed Light on Her Character
Steve Himmer | Three Arctic Relics
Chad Redden |  Below, Below
Robert Duncan Gray | Obviously I AM Glad and Smell
Justin Carter | My Father Catched a Live Alligator
Ada Limon | Tattoo Theory
Sophie Klahr| Summer Job, July

February 8

Kathy Fish| Orlando
Adam Petrash | This is the Cost of Throwing Your Heart to the Lions
Brian Allen Carr | Empty Handed Year
Liz Windhorst Harmer | Grievances
Leesa Cross-Smith | Tim Riggins Would Have Smoked
Carrie Lorig & Nick Sturm | Nancy & The Dutch
Rachel Hyman | On Light, and Its Lack
Emily Cementina |  No Such Thing, So-Called, and Choosing
Chris Jones, Thomas Lake, Ben Montgomery, and Matt Tullis | Getting the Story
Amber Sparks | The Kingdom of July

February 1

Aaron Burch | Everything Was Antlers and Nothing Hurt
Brenda Ordonez | Ghosts
Valentina Cano | Winter Myths
Mark Manner | Bad Guy Benevolence
Matthew Burnside story | ON the Benefits of a Lego Heart

January 18

B.J. Hollars | On the Occurence of March 20, 1981 and on the Occurences of Every Night After
Kendra deCarlo | The VocalistI Heart Pussy, and Blue and Green Music
Kathleen Rooney | On Wearing a Mustache
Aubrey Jane Ryan | The Feast at the End of the World & Off Grid
Jill Talbot | The Pieces

January 11

Gabe Durham | In Case of Emergency and Powers
Mira Mattar | Lion and Gazelle
Issue One contributor Ryan Werner | Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone
Nicholas Rombes | Django Take #3: (Re)Chained
Ben Tanzer | I Am Your Ancestor
Wendy Xu | Dear Future Where Everything is Hypothetical Except Joy
Salvatore Pane | Latrell Sprewell

December 21

Matthew Vollmer | Excerpt
Tasha Matsumoto | Our Intrepid Exploristas
Jill Summers | They Were Gods
Tawnysha Greene | The Naming of Girls
Tawnysha’s | Daddy’s Teeth
Christine Lee Zilka | Maps
Lauren Becker and Andrea Kneeland | I Hate Amy Adams
Maggie Miller | Equus

December 14

Rob Kenagy | I’m Sure the Galaxy is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, So Let’s Just Keep it Right There,  I Want the Echoey Spaces to Hum
Matthew Dexter | The Search Party
George Spalding | WESTERN
Roxane Gay | The Sky Falls in Satellite, Rain
Amber Sparks | A Brief, Bright Fire to Sweep the World Clean

December 7

Will Johnson | If they Had Music
Robert Kloss | The Greater Darkness
Elisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney | Some Notes on Sex & Secrets to Achieving Intimacy
Lewis Mundt | Ray Bradbury is Dead & The Woods
Rae Bryant | Leopard. Lion. She-Wolf
Randa Jarrar |  Building Girls
PR Griffis | Breaking Bad fan fiction

November 30

W. Todd Kaneko | B Movie
Wyatt Bonikowski | The Old Church & Sister Finds a Box
Delaney Nolan | How I Gonna Bare My Neck Outside in the Sweat-Scared Morning
Chad Simpson | You Would’ve Counted Yourself Lucky
Heidi Reimer |Firebombs
Donora Hillard | The Future & 4 poems about Jeff Bridges

November 9

Delaney Nolan | My Man.
Anya Groner and Elizabeth Kaiser | This Sunday at the Angola Prison Rodeo
Jason Novak | 44 Presidents of the United States
Robert Vaughan | Hexagon of Life
Josh Denslow | Consumption
Kirk Wisland | A Generation of Worthless Men
Sarah Rose Etter at | Vodka Father

October 26

summerbooks | The Facts of the Matter
Scott Sweeney | The Heavy Metal Moment
Matthew Burnside | Escapology
Karrie Waarala | How to Be the Sole Woman Working in a Tattoo Shop & How to Be a Soft Place to Land
Matthew Burnside |  Chronology of a Black Hole
George Saunders | The Semlica-Girl Diaries
 Amber Sparks | How NOT to Put Together a Short Story Collection
Paul Morton  | Interview with Junot Diaz
Edan Lepucki | Literary Fiction is a Genre: A List
Andy Mozina| My Nonsexual Affair
John Jeremiah Sullivan | My Multiday Massage-a-Thon

October 19

Daniel Grandbois | UNLUCKY LUCKY TALES
Issue One contributor Daniel Romo |  Bulletin
Cheyenne Nimes | Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and the Santa Cruz River Sand Shark, Subtitled “This Troublesome Regulatory Constraint”
Wyatt Bonikowski | None of Your Business
Brian Oliu | Rampage

October 12

Laura van den Berg | Here is Your Weather
Robert Kloss| The Days of Man
NAP and James Tadd Adcox | Anthology of Etiquette and Terrifying Angels With Many Heads

October 5

John Jeremiah Sullivan |  Where is Cuba Going?
John A. McDermott | Inappropriate Gifts for Infants
Penny Goring | Her Magic Vagina
Ryan Werner | Jalapeno Summer
Sarah Beth Childers| Shorn
Jenny Boully | Choom

September 28

Dylan Nice | Truth in Nonfiction: A Testimonial
A. KendraGreene | “Everything, Perfectly, Forever
Lina Maria Ferrerira Cabeza-Vanegas | Del Amor Al Odio
Hali Felt | Soundings: Chapter 1
Kristen Radtke | Perdition
The Essay Prize |  The Ten Greatest Essays Ever

September 21

Matt Bell | Andrew Jackson
Tasha Matsumoto | Word Counts
Wil Kaufman | Wreck
Kirk Pinho | Good Advice
Rachel Barrett | You Need to Have a Plan
Roxane Gay | The Politics of Entitlement

September 14

Lily Dodge | Noah on the Ark
Lydia Davis | Negative Emotions
Sam Snoek-Brown | Lightning My Pilot
Marissa Landrigan | Wish List
David Abrams | Other People Podcast
Aaron Teel | Shampoo Horns
Robert Kloss | A City of Bison

September 7

Liz Wyckoff | What We Know
Jade Sylvan | You Know How Sometimes You’re in your Twenties in America
Sam Martone | Coburg Castle
Chad Simpson | Status Updates
Blood Lotus, #24-25
Benjamin Percy | The Slowest Reader
Lauren Becker | Perameters
Kristina Marie Darling | History of Correspondence
Natalie Diaz | Dome Riddle
Sarah Rose Etter | Thigh River

August 31

Amy Lee Scott | Myths
Casey Hannan |  Ghosts There
Bayard Godsave | It’ll Never Work Out For the Two-Headed Boy
Neil deGrasse Tyson | Beyond Belief
Leesa Cross-Smith | Whiskey and Ribbons
Lindsey Gates-Markel | Shelter
Neal Kitterlin | Bronco Buster & The Photographer’s Grief
Sean Bishop | Here’s to Killing
Cameron Witbeck | Two Poems

August 24

Nina McConigley | White Wedding
Eduardo Corral | In Colorado My Father Stacked and Scoured Dishes, To Robert Hayden, & To the Angelbeast.
Amber Sparks | May We Shed These Human Bodies & This Circus the World
Robert Kloss | The Lives of Alligators
Brandi Wells |  Bald
Adam Peterson |  Biologists Study Grace
Jenny Boully | Not Merely Because of the Unknown That Was Stalking Toward Themece
Karen Hays | The Clockwise Detorsion of Snails: A Love Essay in Sectors

August 17

Mike Young | None of Us Would Meet Her in the House of Mystery & Look! Look! Feathers!
Casey Hannan| Horse Street
Aimee Nezhukumatathil | Hedgehog
Eryn Cruft & Aimee Nezhukumatathil | The Wrong Side of Rapture
Emma Sovich | Destruction Myth
Rion Amilcar Scott |  Teen Wolf Too