i4 Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Just over a year ago, we launched the first issue of Sundog Lit. Since then, we have promoted great books with month-long promotional campaigns, talked to writers at AWP in Boston, published three issues and a GAMES-themed issue, which was guest edited by Brian Oliu. A few of our editors have moved on and some have actually moved. Cross-country, in my case.
It’s in the moving, sometimes, that we find ourselves. The movement forces us to call back to some former self, to question what we were, and the move allows us to look forward to who we will become. The work in Issue Four marks a lot of that movement – in the characters, in the voices of speakers in poems, in the identities of essays. Movement is key to becoming. We’ve moved a lot here at Sundog Lit and many of us have arrived in new homes, new towns, new lives. Issue Four offers voices and stories in motion. Issue Four marks the movement into our second year, and every single piece published in this issue sets a high standard for what is to come.
Move through these pieces as though you were there. Let them move you; let them shake and rattle and bend you. Let them speak tongues at you; let them burn into you as if they were spoken from the pulpit in a whiskey-fueled revival. Move, move.
–Justin Lawrence Daugherty, Managing/Founding Editor