Jess Dutschmann

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by Jess Dutschmann

Red wall paint increased accuracy in computation, blue bolstered creativity. Red, he’d read somewhere on the internet, increased his root chakra–he had no idea how he’d ended up on a website like that–the root being the base of the spine, the tail he’d use for balance if he was only so evolved. There was no point in keeping thinking about that–apes, the whole of it, so he tried to make himself stop. There, then, was green cartoon jungle, a lie for lies to live in, green the color of emotional harmony and balance according to this stupid website–

Green is the color of nature, fertility, small birds, growth, rejuvenation, the part where you remember things fifteen years after they happen, recovering, healing, harvest, pleasure and abundance, prosperity, money, harmony, balance, peace, protests, hope, mother earth, home, herbal magick, kudzu, greed and jealousy. Green is the color of cartoon jungles to Scooby Doo through. Green wall paint increased forgetting what the point of the story was, so green was what he brought to his manager. Green is the color of nature, fertility, Abilify, bathroom tile, new sheets.

JESS DUTSCHMANN is the maker of two little books of poetry, Calamity and Titanic, so far. Jess has been well published online and in print, and won “Best of the Net” from Sundress Publications in 2011. Jess lives in Jersey City, next to a little food place that in the morning smells like bacon and at night smells like beer. For more: