Notes from Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Every Kiss a War Cover Kissing Booth

Notes from Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Hello, glad you could come. Have a seat. Can I get you anything? A drink? What shall I play on the jukebox?

I said this about Leesa Cross-Smith’s EVERY KISS A WAR, which you should pre-order/buy:
“The stories in Every Kiss a War read like roaring hymns sung from some whiskey-fueled revival in the Kentucky woods. Leesa Cross-Smith sermonizes from dusty pages, bottle in hand, calling out her words to the gathered revelers from a bar stool pulpit. Gather ’round. Turn on an old-timey jukebox and let the country fill you. Listen, put a shot of bourbon to your lips, and drink down your salvation as Leesa shows you the way.”

Not much more needs to be said. I’m thrilled to present to you wonderful women all writing love stories to you inspired by Leesa’s book. Step on up to the Kissing Booth. Get comfortable. We’re here.