Salvatore Pane

JR Smith

Salvatore Pane

Bout to head to Minnesota!
My EX asked “did you tell you boys I was a Jump cause they trying to holla” #damnshame
Y’all are nuts…
It’s always the one u want the most! #ThisSux
Everyone on twitter thinks they know
What’s good Philly?
Sooooo whats going on? do u always look like this? or you #CatFish
Send me all BBM pins
I’m sorry that’s weak someone pretending to be someone they not! #CatFish
Man I’m so damn hungry!
Actually im in Boston!
So you can just say your a virgin an people will just believe u huh!
Congrats to #President @BarackObama
Me too! RT @itsbunnybaby: @TheRealJRSmith I’m a virgin
Bout to hit the movies wit
We out to DC!
An where have u been missy?
I just want to know cause she looks good dang I can’t ask a ?
Chix is crazy! #WerdUp
Sorry you ain’t bout that life
Smh when u think your friends on twitter
Just met @TheRealJRSmith best day ever !!! #NYK
Just met @TheRealJRSmith !!
Just met @therealjrsmith omg!!!!! So hyped #knickstape
Laughing at the haters cause at the end of the day you still won’t be me! #losers!
Can’t sleep
You killing me!
Never again!
Can’t sleep
You killing me!
Never again!
Can’t sleep
You killing me!
Never again!
Thank u fans

*Note: All lines are culled from New York Knick JR Smith’s Twitter feed

SALVATORE PANE is the author of the novel Last Call in the City of Bridges. His work has appeared in American Short Fiction, Hobart, The Collagist, The American Book Review, and many other venues. He is an assistant professor of English/creative writing at the University of Indianapolis and can be reached at