Summer Collaboration Contest Results


Summer Collaboration Contest Results!

The staff at Sundog Lit is pleased to announce the results of our Summer Collaboration Contest. We received so many brilliant, strange, and beautiful entries. Choosing the winner was a difficult and joyful process, and we thank all the submitting writers and artists for the honor of reading and gazing at their beautiful projects.

The results are:
Winner: “Epigenesis: a Lineage in Two Voices” by torrin a. greathouse and Linette Reeman
Finalist: “The Janitor’s Stars” by Dana Diehl and Melissa Goodrich
Finalist: “Memories in the Park” by A.E. Weisgerber, Nan Wigington, Jan Elman Stout, Hillary Leftwich, Gay Degani, Audra Kerr Brown, April Bradley, and Paul Beckman

The winner and both finalists are linked above for your reading pleasure, and “Epigenesis: A Lineage in Two Voices” will also be featured in our upcoming Issue 13.

Congratulations to all!