Sweet Darling

Dennis James Sweeney

That was you, sweet darling
with the halo around your neck
It glowed
and burned the color
of your nipples
God is a color
we cannot see
so instead we get empanadas
and jaywalk
I can never be arrested
so long as I am blind
I plan for that to be forever
space break

Dear Babushka

Dear Babushka
I have a car
and a can-opener
The roads are wide
and everything
comes in cans
Watch out for the clouds
dear Babushka
for they are strong out there
They can lift you
by the armpits
You know that
The rain droplets
can get into your smallest spaces
and tingle
We store ours
in a jar, here
And at the end of the year
we drink

DENNIS JAMES SWEENEY‘s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Alice Blue, Juked, Whole Beast Rag, and Word For/Word. A chapbook of short-shorts, What They Took Away, is forthcoming in 2014 from CutBank Books. He’s also a student in the MFA program at Oregon State University. Check him here.