Issue 14 Table of Contents


Cover 14


Three Poems  | Matthew W. Baker  
Three Poems  | Matt Broaddus  
Three Poems  | Kristin Chang  
Cyborg Sex  | Catherine Chen  
Making It Home  | Maranda Greenwood  
Two Poems  | Gabrielle Lawrence  
Two Poems  | Jessica Morey-Collins  
Three Poems  | Alexis Orgera  
Three Poems  | Julian Randall  
Duende or Babadook  | Megan Denton Ray  
Three Poems  | Jessica Lee Richardson  
Two Poems  | Cat Wei  
War Story with My Father  | Topaz Winters  


The Scientific Method   |  Anne Rasmussen 
Best of All Possible Worlds   |  Joshua Shaw 
Excerpt from The Knot   |  Nance Van Winckel 
Office Man and the Conference   |  Maya Jewell Zeller 

Creative Nonfiction

Troubleshooting My Haptic Cock  |  Emrys Donaldson
Marginalia  |  Naomi Washer

Cover Art

Untitled  |  Ellen Perry