We read every submission carefully. You should read the journal carefully. You know this. If it’s not a right fit for us, why would you want to send it?

We at Sundog Lit are serious about being inclusive and representative of our community. That means we encourage and want to see more submissions by women, people of color, and queer writers.

One submission at a time, please. Wait until you hear from us to send more work. We’re serious.

When we say Sundog Lit is earth-scorching literature, we hope that lights something in your brain. Send us earth-scorching fiction, essays, and poems. We always want great cover art/photography, too.

We happily accept simultaneous submissions. Just let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We DO NOT consider previously published material.

We want muscular prose, sincerity, and a real beating heart. Play with form and show us the humorous absurd. Send short stories up to 3,000 words or up to 3 pieces of 750 words in a single document.

We are cool with traditional personal essay, memoir, etc. We LOVE us some experimental, research-driven stuff. Segmented. Lyric. Essays written in a bowl of alphabet soup. Surprise us. Play with form and content. If you hybridize some poetry and nonfiction, send it our way. If you’d like, submit up to 3 flash essays (less than 1,000 words each) in a single document.

We want vivid, vibrant poetry. We like prose poems or straight poetry with prose elements. We like traditional poetry. Submit up to 3 poems in a single document.

General Art & Photography
We’re looking for beautiful, fascinating, devastating cover-art for our upcoming issues. Send your photos, illustrations, pencil drawings, wood carvings, etc.. Submit up to 3 pieces at a time.