Issue 17

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Issue 17


Two Poems | Ayesha Asad
Three Poems | Taylor Byas
If a heart beats in the forest… | Marisa P. Clark
Star Anise
| Stephanie Yue Duhem
Cento: Six Women in Five Parts |
Elizabeth Galoozis
Glass Birds in a Gorge |
Christopher Hewitt
Construction |
Aimee Lowenstern
Two Poems |
Kate Lucas
mike tyson and his entourage… |
Matt Mitchell
Camellia |
Rachel Nix
Poet Husbandry | Jennifer Popa

Livestock | Khalisa Rae
Two Poems | Ross White


Astronauts | Daniel Fraser 
Red Rocket | Garth Miró
The Price of Teeth | J. Thomas Murphy 
Regarding the Dog at my Funeral | Stephanie Pushaw 
Two Stories | Mackenzie Suess 
Five Lawful Interceptions | Hunter Thane Therron

Creative Nonfiction

Gima | Alexandra LeBaron
Horror Vacui | Evan Senie

Cover Art

The Future is Queer and It’s Magical | Matilda Ellis