Issue Eighteen


Cover Art

Batho Pele  | Nublaccsoul


Three Poems  | Jose Hernandez Diaz
Two Poems  | Loisa Fenichell
Two Poems  | Patrycja Humienik
The Tronie Speaks  | Kendrick Loo
The Night My Father Died, I Almost Believed in God  | Megan Neville
Two Poems  | Spencer Silverthorne
Two Poems  | Grace Q. Song


Two Stories  | K-Ming Chang
O Brave Monster, Lead the Way  | Justin DeCarlo
Steer the Course  | Casey DW Jones
Menders  | M.M. Kaufman
Deer Tag  | Wilhelm Sitz
Billy Has No Friends  | Stephen Wack

Creative Nonfiction

Brother: An Abecedarian Essay  | Tammy Delatorre
Karnickelköttelkarnickel  | Marcy Rae Henry
My Brother Doesn’t Show Me His Head  | Lauren Lavin
River Water  | Kathryn Sandilands

2020 Collaboration Contest

Flight Paths  | Elodie Barnes & Erin Calabria
Limn  | Susannah Lodge-Rigal & Daniel Schonning
Half Blood / Dual Coasts  | Rhienna Renèe Guedry & Chris Stafford