Issue 20

Issue 20

Cover Art

Line Made by Walking  |  Julia Bethan


Two Poems   |  Ashna Ali
Murano   |  Madeleine Cravens
Two Poems   |  Romana Iorga
Three Poems   |  Sneha Subramanian Kanta
American Sonnet with a Line by Van Gogh   |   Jasmine Khaliq
On Disappearing   |  Alexa Patrick
I look inside my mouth   |   Tyler Raso
Archaeology  |   A. Shaikh


Holy Writ   |  Patrick Thomas Henry
Yoga   |  Marcus Ong Kah Ho
Champagne Pools  |  Guy Melvin
Baby Hearts   |  Ashton Russell
Two Stories  |  Leslie Walker Trahan
Inspection   |  Francis Yasha

Creative Nonfiction

Cicada   |  Jen Mutia Eusebio
In the Teahouse, Sundown   |  Reece Gritzmacher
The Graduate Student  |  Siamak Vossoughi

2021 Collaboration Contest

America is   |  Avery Gregurich & Lucca Soria
Death, as Measured in Hz   |  Tran Quynh Nguyên & Tran Quynh Anh