Malik Thompson


Jen Mei Soong

Nocturne with Sula Peace

Malik Thompson

blackberries crushed
in a dying woman’s
palm       wand-thin
wrists         slurry
of viper spit
& seeds    part
your lips &
out goes
the nigger joke    belly
laughs seared
into the gristle
pig’s meat
ran through
with thorns

sweet beast
sing with me
the nightshade
hymnal   beneath
a veil of rust
from a withered god’s
vacant throne

O feral empress
of gold-leaf
& soil
your beloved
bathes in
basks in
hot air
& isolation
casts embers
in your garden
of thorned
fruit & roses

yes    same as
your uncle
it’s all gone
to ash
so    die quietly

rest now
fugitive ghost

Malik Thompson is a Black queer man from Washington, DC. His work is featured, or forthcoming, in Cobra Milk, Sundog Lit, Diode, MQR Mixtape, Voicemail Poems, Poet Lore, and other places. He has received support from Lambda Literary, Obsidian Foundation, Brooklyn Poets, Cave Canem, and other organizations. He can be found on Instagram via the handle @latesummerstar.