Eros Livieratos


Jen Mei Soong

Consciousness :: Hymnal

Eros Livieratos

Golden Shovel after Xiu Xiu’s “Sad Pony Guerilla Girl”

There is no room. I
cannot hear. The noise like
everything misplaced in my
window. Scorched neighborhood.
There’s a path where I
forget where I am like
a rebirth. Consciousness. My
body is just a husk. Yours: a gun.
Where are you now? Drive
a car into the cathedral in
drag and glitter. Sing my
brother songs. A little
harmony to remember. The car
ride. Fuck everything—I
am not a nihilist. Am
misplaced. Your
mistake. Not girl—
other &
the birds whistle & I
don’t hear anything. Will
you forget this? Protect
your mind. Won’t you?

Eros Livieratos (He/They) is a Greek-Belizean writer & artist whose work focuses on the intersection of identity, aesthetics, and capital in the Anthropocene. Eros has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics, photography, and film score work. They can usually be found making harsh noise & screaming in your local basement.