Issue 21

Dedicated with love to Melissa Wiley

Cover Art

Compromise  |  Moses Ojo


Where I Find Her/Where I Leave Her   |  Stephanie Choi
Lake Qarun   |  Sara Elkamel
Two Poems   |  William Fargason
Aubade   |  Stefania Gomez
Moon I Can’t Touch   |   Michelle Hulan
Dream Daughter in the Pomegranate Garden   |  Malvika Jolly
Maybe Your Mother Fell in Love with Fire   |  Patricia Colleen Murphy


Unreleased Interviews …   |  Derek Andersen
oo   |  Anastasia Jill
Two Stories  |  Nathan Alling Long
Ghost Story   |  Darci Schummer
Acclimatization  |  Monica Wang

Creative Nonfiction

78.79  |  Brittany Buchholz
Editor’s Statement  |  Amber D. Dodd
Gin Rummy   |  Laura Stride
An Alphabetically Arranged Essay …   |  Hannah White