Issue 22

Cover Art

Goodbye, Little One   |  Asha Dore


epigenetics or: our assets divided   |  nicole v basta
He says, let’s move to Alaska.   |  Stephanie Chen
This Is Where We’re At   |  Ashley Hajimirsadeghi
Carrion   |  Meredith Herndon
Twelfth Night   |  Elizabeth Hickson
Procne, Swallowed   |   Arah Ko
Saturday on the Farm   |  Samantha Moe
Notes for a Conversation on Flux   |  Noreen Ocampo


Your Body   |  Susan Holcomb
Daily Pilgrimage   |  Angie Kang
Wish Goblin  |  Thomas Mixon
The Meat Man   |  Will Musgrove
Not Everything Is Funny  |  Maureen O’Leary
Tits à la Flambé  |  Paulette Pierce

Creative Nonfiction

Heart Mountain  |  Cicily Bennion
Field Notes from Day 7,969, a Ghost Story  |  Uyen Dang
(Re)Surfacing   |  Rachel Laverdiere
Resecting a Liver   |  Jennifer Pinto

2022 Collaboration Contest

Fishhook Babies   |  Jane Yin & Amy Wang
We Break up in the Forest   |  C. Heyne & Sam Moe