Karan Kapoor


Jen Mei Soong

a broken melody

Karan Kapoor

          “My father the black keys / played all at once.” | Bob Hicok

your metal hand / a glass of gold / alligator’s juice / gut full of holes

you whisper / whisky loathes water / you dream to quit / you love your daughter

gambler’s mantra / just one more / even clouds break / after a downpour

no salt in your food / no bloom in the air / god returns / not one of your prayers

withers the man / oppressed by light / liver of tar / spear through the eye

long for the warm / embrace of the river / forgive & forget / look in the mirror

wounds & memory / open the night / a rumor of grief / lurks in your teeth

Karan Kapoor is a poet from New Delhi. They have been awarded or placed for the James Hearst Poetry Prize, Frontier Global Poetry Prize, and Bellevue Literary Review Prize among others. A finalist for the Vallum and IHLR chapbook prizes, their work has appeared in AGNI, Shenandoah, Cincinnati Review, North American Review, Rattle, JOYLAND and elsewhere. They’re an MFA candidate at Virginia Tech, and the Editor-in-Chief of a ONLY POEMS. You can find them at: https://www.karankapoor.net/.