Friday Rex | August 24

First up this week is a wonderful not-so-Western by Nina McConigley, White Wedding. It’s about being not-Western in a Western world.

There’s probably a theme this week. Also, we’re loving this poetry by Eduardo Corral: In Colorado My Father Stacked and Scoured Dishes, To Robert Hayden, & To the Angelbeast

Amber Sparks is doing some killer work out there. She’s got a new collection coming hot and fast, May We Shed These Human BodiesMeanwhile, while you (can’t) wait for her book, check out this joint from Corium, This Circus the World.

One of our favorites ’round here: Robert Kloss’ The Lives of Alligators from SmokeLong Quarterly.

Brandi Wells’ Bald is doing it for us, too. Check that out.

Then, there’s Adam Peterson’s Paper Darts story, Biologists Study Grace.

And, finally, because we love us the experimental stuff, here’s a piece from Jenny Boully‘s wonderful Not Merely Because of the Unknown That Was Stalking Toward Them, a sort of reading-between-the-lines telling of the Peter Pan and Wendy story. And, another experimental (and, another of our favorites) essay by the brilliant Karen Hays, The Clockwise Detorsion of Snails: A Love Essay in Sectors from The Normal School.

Happy reading. Happy Friday. Happy Friday Rex.