Photogene #3

Your inspiration for the next round of Photogene is this charming illustration by Cróna Gallagher!

"The Pineapowl" by Cróna Gallagher

“The Pineapowl” by Cróna Gallagher

If you’re new to Photogene, here’s how it works:


bravely into the “pineapowl.” Let its purpose, its message, its colors, its shapes, and its general aura burn temporarily into your retinas.


under 500 words inspired by the illustration.


your owl stories, your pineapple poems, your essays on tight spaces, etc. by Thursday, November 1 by clicking here.



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About the Artist
Cróna Gallagher’s fiction and poetry have been featured in publications such as the Dublin Quarterly, The Moth, Popshot and Drunken Boat. She has contributed both poetry and illustration to PB3, and further illustrations have appeared in Confetti and Prudence magazines. Her volume of poetry, The Doves of the Forest Night, was published in 2005 through Lapwing Press. She has lived and traveled throughout Europe and the south pacific and currently lives in Co. Leitrim, Ireland with her husband and daughter.