Friday Rex | October 5, 2012

I’m a John Jeremiah Sullivan fanatic over here, so I was excited for this Cuba piece from him in the NYTimes Magazine.

Beautiful poem – not for children, hazardous, we say – at Treehouse Lit Mag by John A. McDermott, Inappropriate Gifts for Infants.

Then, there’s Her Magic Vagina by Penny Goring at HOUSEFIRE, one of our favorites.

Jalapeno Summer, by SDL friend, Ryan Werner is kicking it over at SmokeLong Quarterly.

Check out the beautiful Shorn by Sarah Beth Childers at Wigleaf. Samson, hair, old men, a prosthetic leg.

And, wow, this beautiful Jenny Boully nonfiction over at Brevity. I may read this every day until the year is up. Man.