Friday Rex | October 19, 2012

These four stories from Daniel Grandbois’ UNLUCKY LUCKY TALES are totally pretty great, over at The Collagist. 

This prose poem, Bulletin, from Issue One contributor Daniel Romo, over at Treehouse is kicking it.

Older piece, but we are loving this: Cheyenne Nimes’ SECTION 404 OF THE CLEAN WATER ACT AND THE SANTA CRUZ RIVER SAND SHARK, SUBTITLED “THIS TROUBLESOME REGULATORY CONSTRAINT,” from DIAGRAM, a winner of a previous Essay Contest. You can enter this year’s contest until Oct. 31.

There’s this kickass story at Hobart this week from Wyatt Bonikowski with living in cars, babies, waterfalls: None of Your Business.

And, finally, this great fiction from Brian Oliu at Paper Darts.

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