Friday Rex | November 9, 2012

Took a week off from the Friday Rex to let you let those Texts Inspired by Robert Kloss’ The Alligators of Abraham soak in. But, we’re back.

You probably need a couple of Angola Prison Rodeo pieces. You do. Even if you’re not sure of it, you surely do. Here’s some bone-crunching fiction by Delaney Nolan from a while back over at Wigleaf: My Man. And, then there’s this Sunday at the Angola Prison Rodeo at The Rumpus, an essay by Anya Groner and Elizabeth Kaiser.

Speaking of The Rumpus, check out Jason Novak’s daughter drawing all 44 Presidents of the United States.

“The world spun, felt like Orion split me wide open.” Robert Vaughan‘s Hexagon of Life at Metazen.

Consumption” by Josh Denslow over at A-Minor.

This essay on A Generation of Worthless Men from Kirk Wisland at Paper Darts, one of our faves.

Finally, Sarah Rose Etter at Everyday Genius: Vodka Father.