Friday Rex | December 21, 2012

Matthew Vollmer’s got this pretty great book of un-categorizable pieces (fiction? prose? poetry?), Inscriptions for Headstones. There’s an excerpt up over at Hobart (have we been pushing them a lot in FR lately? Well, that’s because they’re putting up some killer stuff.).

New Issue of The Collagist went up this week. Tasha Matsumoto has this beautiful story: maps, constellations, ships: Our Intrepid Exploristas. “The astronomette listens, disapproving. Whales sing, she says, to show off the size of their lungs. The aria of the whale, she says, is not a song, but a sculpture: a way to touch space.”

Jill Summers has They Were Gods up over at Paper Darts: beautiful, poignant, vibrant.

Tawnysha Greene with The Naming of Girls at Fictionaut: “My sister and I take turns with the sheet, narrow down the names we like, and my cousin opens her top drawer, gets out a candy cigarette, holds it between her fingers like I had seen Daddy’s momma do, and my sister gasps, asks if it’s real.” Tawnysha’s also got this lovely story, Daddy’s Teeth, over at the December issue of PANK.

Some light Apocalypse reading by Christine Lee Zilka over at Guernica: Maps

The excellent I Hate Amy Adams collaboration from Lauren Becker and Andrea Kneeland is up over at Wigleaf.

Equus, a poem by Maggie Miller, at PANK: rocking it.