Photogene #5 Prompt

It’s time for another ekphrastic writing contest!

For Photogene 5 we’ve chosen Margarita Gokun Silver’s “Inner Child.” (Click image for a larger view.)

"Inner Child" by Margarita Gokun Silver

“Inner Child” by Margarita Gokun Silver

Margarita Gokun Silver is an artist and a writer. Her preferred medium of expression is oil on canvas — she loves the smell, the texture, and the vibrancy of colors of oil. In writing she leans towards women’s fiction and creative non-fiction. Her blog is very, very young but you can learn more about her art and her writing at

Now for the contest rules:

  1. Write no more than 500 words of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction that have been inspired by this wonderful piece of art/photography. No need to mention it or say anything directly about it. Instead, let it rouse, ignite, awaken, electrify, spark, trigger, prompt, inspire, cause, and effect your writing
  2. Submit your wonderful piece of writing here by Thursday, January 31.
  3. In the box for the cover letter, include a brief bio (no more than 60 words) and a link to your website if you’d like.

We will select one winner, who will be posted on the site and drink to their success from our prize: