Friday Rex | January 18, 2013

First thing’s first. Got to have you read ON THE OCCURENCE OF MARCH 20, 1981 AND ON THE OCCURENCES OF EVERY NIGHT AFTER by B.J. Hollars. This should be required of everyone to read: for lit classes, for writing classes. Indicative of the kinds of great things flash nonfiction can do and should do, how it can transcend simple personal narrative and say so much more. Read it at Brevity.

Kendra deCarlo put out some stunning poetry this week in the new issue of The Collagist. From THE VOCALIST:

“How undone, cold-
blooded would I be

to sing straight
for this crowd, brightness

squeezed from split vowels,
the throat luminous as a flock of strings?”

Killer stuff from Kendra, also, with I HEART PUSSY and BLUE AND GREEN MUSIC.

Kathleen Rooney’s collage essay on mustaches – ON WEARING A MUSTACHE – over at The Rumpus. Need I tell you what it’s about? Well, it more than mustaches, but…still.

Aubrey Jane Ryan’s poetry was featured over at Anti- this week – The Feast at the End of the World & Off Grid. From “Feast”:

My land is a warlord. My land is strip:
mine and mall. Lord, just give me cow shit
and cover crop, and I’ll be a beet beneath the
beet red sun.

Check out Jill Talbot’s THE PIECES in the newest Revolution House, among some other great work.

Short one this week. But, there’s some great work here. See you next week, folks.

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