(Almost) Friday Rex | (Almost) February 1, 2013

Took the week off last week to let you soak in that Issue Two. Glad you all are loving it. Here’s a(n) (Almost) February Friday Rex. How about that? Got this big ROMANTICS thing launching tomorrow, so wanted to throw a FR at you a day early. How about that.

First, there’s EVERYTHING WAS ANTLERS AND NOTHING HURT by Aaron Burch over at the lovely WhiskeyPaper.

From Brenda Ordonez’s GHOSTS at Matchbook Lit Mag: “Daddy did come up from the basement the next day, at least we thought he did. But it was only his ghost we saw passing through the house, reading the newspaper at breakfast, going to work, polishing his shoes on Sunday evenings as always.

Issue One contributor/poet Valentina Cano has a lovely new poem up at Carnival: WINTER MYTHS.

Mark Manner’s throwing some smooth, lightning-flash prose at you on Paper Darts: BAD GUY BENEVOLENCE: “So it seemed I was dealin with the ghost of a robber, and the robber was holdin a gun. It was the kind John Wayne used to use in them movies Pa was always watchin, the barrel long and pointy like a pelican’s beak. The ghost aimed it at me. Money, gold, jewelry, he demanded. Now, bitch.”

Hobart (web), an SDL favorite, has this great Matthew Burnside story, ON THE BENEFITS OF A LEGO HEART…

Good things. Read those things. Love them. We’ll be back. Why haven’t you all written with your own FR posts, huh? Why not? You know you want to be a guest star on Friday Rex. Email sundoglit@gmail with some ideas and what you’d do and all that.