Friday Rex | February 8, 2013

First up this week is a story Longform Fiction re-posted this week on their site by Kathy Fish: ORLANDO, originally in Issue 27 of Storyglossia (2008).

Another lovely piece from WhiskeyPaper this week: Adam Petrash’s THIS IS THE COST OF THROWING YOUR HEART TO THE LIONS.

At Hobart, there’s Brian Allen Carr’s Empty Handed Year, about adolescence and sex and bodies and skin.

Over at Little Fiction, check out GRIEVANCES by Liz Windhorst Harmer – the melting together and unwinding of lives, illness, anxiety, the loss of love.

Leesa Cross-Smith, friend of SDL and all-around lovely lady, has a nice little story over at Literary Orphans: TIM RIGGINS WOULD HAVE SMOKED.

NAP does some wicked ebooks these days. We promoted their angels-and-etiquette book a couple months ago. Now, there’s this Ronald Reagan-inspired ebook from Carrie Lorig & Nick Sturm: NANCY & THE DUTCH. Also at NAP, Rachel Hyman’s ON LIGHT, AND ITS LACK: “Everyone gets a little more blind and a lot more patient. This is probably for the best. They learn to fumble around in the dark, improve their sense of touch.”

And, over on Fwriction: Review, Emily Cementina brings you three pieces. Check this:

“Bring me tumbleweed, too, I say when you call.

Your voice is two-dollar beer looping across the country.”

Creative Nonfiction hosted a roundtable this week on narrative in nonfiction, among things, with Chris Jones, Thomas Lake, Ben Montgomery, and Matt Tullis: GETTING THE STORY.

New issue of The Fiddleback has The Kingdom of July by miss Amber Sparks.

Finally, since this month is a month so texts inspired by Matthew Salesses’ I’M NOT SAYING, I’M JUST SAYING, here’s an excerpt from the book over at The Nervous Breakdown.

Happy Friday. Read.