Friday Rex | May 24, 2013

Brian Oliu – always doing cool stuff – has a new piece up at Monkeybicycle this week: WRESTLEMANIA XXIX: THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN IS THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN. Also, another lyric essay on Shawn Michaels at Banango Street.

Derek Palacio’s HOW TO SHAKE THE OTHER MAN is out from Nouvella Books, one of the coolest small presses around. Electric Lit featured an excerpt this week.

New issue of Fiddleblack is live and features this wonderful part I of the novella by Eric Shonkwiler, RENE. Also in this issue is an excerpt from Steve Himmer’s FRAM – DEADFALL:

“The falling corpse carried with it the waste of a life, the waste of a day, weeks of meat lost for the hunter, his family, his village. He would return from his hunt empty-handed and his wife would tell him it was okay, they had enough in the larder to last, but the fan of wrinkles at the edge of each eye where for so long she’d squinted against harsh northern glares would tighten as it always did when she worried but wouldn’t say so.”

Neal Kitterlin has 5 great poems at The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. Read them. So good.

Kirby Johnson – founder of NANO Fiction & Managing Editor of Black Warrior Review – had a fiction – from An Enquiry into the Origin of Lady Burke’s Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful – up at the ever-favorite Hobart.

From January, read Brandon Hobson’s YELLOW SKY on the Paris Review blog.

New issues last week of The Collagist – featuring a great series of looks at the writing of Peter Markus – and this great issue of Banango Street, featuring so much killer work by Melissa Broder, David Tomaloff, and the aforementioned Brian Oliu.