Friday Rex | March 28, 2014

Took a couple weeks off for AWP, recovery from AWP, and, of course, The Kissing Booth: women writing stories in support of Leesa Cross-Smith’s Every Kiss a War (which you should pre-order).

A really cool new magazine, Entropy, is on the scene this week. If you haven’t checked it out, this is going to be something way worth following.

In this special issue of Guernica, Lincoln Michel writes about the tradition of the American Gothic.

Justin Brouckaert has a new story at Stymie – BARRY SANDERS SPEAKS.

Ryan Werner has this great story up at SmokeLong – IF THERE’S ANY TRUTH ON A NORTHBOUND TRAIN.

Edition One of Nightblock is out and Matt Bell has 2 very cool poems, SENTENCING and A RECIPE FOR GHOSTS, in it.

At The Fanzine, Sarah Rose Etter’s BODY MAP: THE SPINE will stick with you, its lines the ghosts that haunt:

At times, they will make a temporary corpse out of you. At times, there will be root canals and bad organs and wilting heart veins. At times, you are going to need to be gone from yourself so you can be worked on, so the red machinery of you can run well oiled again, so you can be fixed. Understand, you are just a soft, wet robot with bone for metal.

Here’s OH MY DARLING by Matt Sailor at a new favorite, Cheap Pop.

And, hey, here’s James Brubaker in the new issue of The Collagist with SPIELBERG’S UNIFIED THEORY OF EVERYTHING, which is lovely and so smart.