Nominations for 2016 Best of the Net

Sundog Lit is delighted to announce its 2016 Best of the Net nominations! We congratulate our nominees and wish them luck in all their sparkle and shine. Revisit the nominated pieces below, and join us in sending good vibes to the authors and their wonderful work.

And don’t forget, Sundog is now open for submissions! See you in the slush, folks.

2016 Best of the Net Nominations

Melissa Goodrich, “She Wants, She Gets”
Jane Flett, “The Things We Do”

S.J Dunning, “Ode to Barbie Now”
Meg Thompson, “Underneath the Heat Lamp”

Maari Carter, “Homemade Sin”
Sharon Johnson, “The Last Time I Saw My Mother”
Zachary Evans, “Platitude”
Mckendy Fils-Aime, “my mother is eating chicken bone”
Carolyn Hembree, “Did the Universe Have a Beginning, and If So, What Happened Before Then?”
Malka Older, “War Poem”