Spooooky Writing Prompts

It’s officially October, so here are some spine-tingling writing prompts that our editors came up with!

  • Choose five words from “Monster Mash” and write a story using those words
  • Tell a ghost story from the perspective of a thing other than a human.
  • Write a story about the state of the world in October 2020 versus October 2021.
  • For a braided essay idea, explore childhood fears (e.g. of the dark, or men with mustaches) and then shift to those same phenomena today, from an adult perspective (e.g. living in a basement apartment with very little light, or dating men with mustaches).
  • Write a poem or series of poems about the places and people you intend to haunt after your passing.
  • Appeal to the senses to describe a horrific story without using the words “fear,” “scared,” or “terrified.”

Did you write something fun? Feel free to share it with us on Twitter and tag @sundoglit. We look forward to seeing your work!