We will miss you, Leela!

It is with sweet sadness that we wish Co-Assistant Poetry Editor Leela Chantrelle a splendid continuation in her next awe-inspiring projects. Throughout her three years of service on our team, Leela enthused us and infused us, with her ardor, guile, and humor. Ever-conscientious and ever-searching, Leela inspired the world of Sundog to focus on building a better literary world than the one we inherited, and, for that, to her we are ever-grateful.

We hope you, too, will go on to support Leela in all her endeavors. Please keep an eye out for her forthcoming work, both creative and critical, and be sure to check out Leading with a Naked Body: Poems in Conversation & a Conversation, a book she co-authored with her undergraduate mentor. We hope you’ll join us in bidding Leela a warm farewell and a beautiful dance into the future she is creating!