Thank You, Ferris!

Written by Fiction Editor, Eric Rasmussen

A few years ago I was hired as Fiction Editor at Sundog, and my first task was to quickly select a few pieces to round our fiction section for the impeding issue. I was daunted. Without a team in place, I was just supposed to decide by myself? Who cares what I like? 

This is where Ferris McDaniel sprang to my rescue. In the slush pile I found the piece he had submitted, and it was perfect: funny, tragic, a little edgy, a little weird. “Swell” was the first acceptance I ever sent, and it’s not far-fetched to say that his story set the aesthetic tone the fiction team at Sundog has focused on ever since.

A short while later Ferris applied for one of our assistant fiction editor positions, and it was an easy decision. Not only has he been invaluable in reading and editing four issues’ worth of work, he has brought a sophistication to the role that is evident in the quality of the fiction we’ve presented. Whenever the rest of us have gotten a little too caught up in some bit of literary weirdness, Ferris has always been there keep us focused on quality.

Unfortunately for us, the time has come for Ferris to move on. A fresh novel manuscript and the remainder of his life require his attention. But we shall always be grateful for the work, and Sundog will bear the effects of his taste for years to come. Thanks Ferris! Good luck out there.