Introducing: Christy Tending, Sundog Lit’s New Nonfiction Editor!

Welcome, Christy Tending

As the Sundog Lit team grows and changes with the fall season, we’re sitting down with each of our newest staff members. We talked to Christy, one of our new nonfiction editors, about her interests, writing process, and of course, her favorite piece of writing advice.

Sundog Lit's nonfiction editor, Christy Tending.
Sundog Lit’s nonfiction editor, Christy Tending. © Molly Kate Photography 2021

Where are you from?

I’m originally from rural Maryland, and am now based in Oakland, California.

What type of writing are you drawn to? What excites you? 

I love a good braided essay. I’m drawn to lyrical work, things that grapple with the external world, in addition to our lived experience. I’m excited when a writer is bringing multiple facets of themselves and their fascinations to the page—when they make connections between things I hadn’t seen or understood previously. 

What other medium do you draw inspiration from?

I write nonfiction almost exclusively, but I draw a lot of inspiration from poetry. I am also an experienced knitter and draw a lot of inspiration from working to make something tangible with my hands. It’s a good counterpoint to writing.

What’s the last thing you read that stuck with you? 

Diane Seuss’s book, frank: sonnets.

What’s the best piece of writing advice that you’ve received?

Read your work aloud to yourself (or someone else) as part of the revision process.