Photogene #1

We’ve selected the first prompt for our Photogene series! This photograph titled “Taipan NM” is from Amy Pajewski.

Now let this photo burn into your retinas! Let it seep into your subconscious until the only way to get it out is to write it. Let it inspire something heartbreaking or beautiful! We will be accepting written submissions inspired by Amy’s photograph until Tuesday, August 28!

Amy Pajewski: “Taipan, NM”

Submitting your writing to our Photogene series includes the following steps:

  1. Write no more than 500 words of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction that has been inspired by this wonderful piece of art/photography. No need to mention it or say anything directly about it. Instead, let it rouse, ignite, awaken, electrify, spark, whet, trigger, prompt, inspire, cause, and effect your writing.
  2. Upload your wonderful piece of writing to our submissions page, here.
  3. In the box for the cover letter, include a brief bio (no more than 60 words).

We will select and post one winner for each round. Have fun!


About the Artist
Amy Pajewski is a photographer and poet relocated to the Texas Panhandle from Lancaster City, PA. She has published work in In Parentheses, Curio, The White Rose Journal, and The George Street Carnival.

More of her work can be found at