Friday Rex

Every Friday, we’ll post a list of things that burned our retinas, that really felt earth-scorching to us. We want you to read, and we want you to love these things like we do. Sit back, read, let this incendiary work burn into your skin.


Great story by Mike Young, NONE OF US WOULD MEET HER IN THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY, went up at HOUSEFIRE. Check out his book, Look! Look! Feathers!, available through Word Riot.

Here’s HORSE STREET by Casey Hannan at Spork Press. Stellar.

This Traci Brimhall poem has inspired me, for sure, this week. And, there’s Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s Hedgehog at the Indiana Review. Speaking of Traci, there’s this great comic from her and Eryn Cruft at the Nashville Review alongside this awesome poem by Emma Sovich, Destruction Myth.

At Slate (and, so many other places) people are talking about this new galaxy cluster discovery. A crazy story about an accused drug dealer turning the prosecution onto his own lawyer on NPR.

Finally, because I love wolves so much – and because this story is so incendiary – here’s Rion Amilcar Scott’s TEEN WOLF TOO over at the Used Furniture Review.

Read. Marinate. Love.