Friday Rex – September 14, 2012

Story-heavy post this week. In a eventful week, found some great new stuff and rallied behind some older stuff. Check it out.

Loving this: Noah on the Ark by Lily Dodge at Wigleaf. It’s Noah. On the Ark. And doves and parrots and good things.

Great new Lydia Davis story over at The Coffin Factory.

Sam  Snoek-Brown’s beautiful story about god-ships and war and the ways a child sees the world over at Bartleby Snopes.

There’s this Wish List by the wonderful Marissa Landrigan from an older DIAGRAM.

There’s this human-like-faced monkey just discovered in Central Africa.

There’s the new Other People Podcast at The Nervous Breakdown w/ David Abrams, author of Fobbit.

From May – and, because I’m enjoying Shampoo Horns so much this week – here’s a Tin House story by Aaron Teel.

Finally, another piece by Robert Kloss: A City of Bison. Just finished his How the Days of Love and Diphtheria, which I highly recommend. Language there is awesome, the book is awesome.

BONUS: If you think you might have a wicked list of Friday Rex to suggest, send your “article” – like this or something even more dynamic – to sundoglit AT gmail. Themed lists are awesome. If you send, for instance, a really cool Autumn Reads list for next week, I’ll be so, so excited.

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