Friday Rex | November 30, 2012

It’s been a bit, but we’re back with Friday Rex. A little rest is good, yeah?

W. Todd Kaneko’s got B Movie over at Paper Darts, one of our favorites.

Go to Wigleaf and check out Wyatt Bonikowski’s two shorts, The Old Church & Sister Finds a Box. Wyatt’s a new favorite of ours. Good things.

Speaking of favorites, you might have (but shouldn’t have) missed Delaney Nolan’s killer story, How I Gonna Bare My Neck Outside in the Sweat-Scared Morning, at Guernica, guest-edited by Roxane Gay. The language in this story slays. Bodies, sweat, poisonous marsh fungus, life. Check it out.

New Chad Simpson story, You Would’ve Counted Yourself Lucky, at The Collagist.

Check out this new work at Little Fiction by Heidi Reimer: Firebombs.

Donora Hillard – recently a part of Texts Inspired by Robert Kloss’ The Alligators of Abraham right here at SDL with this poem, The Future – has 4 poems about Jeff Bridges at Hobart.