Friday Rex | December 7, 2012

First up, leper colonies, boats, the ocean: Will Johnson at Little Fiction.

And, a favorite, Robert Kloss, with angels and blood and steamship voyages at Untoward. This: “Now there were those aboard this vessel who said you had always lived with a stilled heart, born into the condition of death, anointed with the last rites even as you wailed your first breath, and there were those who said your father, the doctor, gave you ether and laid you to the table, and there he plumbed your chest for the source of your life, if not the mortal pulse of a heart.”

Elisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney bring you two poems – sex and intimacy and bodies – at Hobart. Two poems by Lewis Mundt – Ray Bradbury is Dead & The Woods – over at Paper Darts.

Rae Bryant has this great story at the new Wag’s Revue: Leopard. Lion. She-Wolf. Check it.

“They come to Egypt in the summer; they come in their rented cars and bring their families and buy umbrellas and beach chairs; they bring swimsuits and towels and creams they wear on their skin so it won’t burn.” Randa Jarrar’s Building Girls at MAKE.

And, a last minute addition, because I love Breaking Bad and because I love Hobart: Breaking Bad fan fiction by PR Griffis.