Friday Rex | February 15, 2013

Vol. 1 Brooklyn published their 100th “Sunday Stories” entry this week: Scott McClanahan’s A STORY ABOUT RUBY THAT WILL SHED LIGHT ON HER CHARACTER.

3:AM Magazine published THREE ARCTIC RELICS, an excerpt from Steve Himmer’s novel, Fram.

The FINAL issue of Red Lightbulbs dropped, #10. It’s big. There’s a ton of poetry. Read all the poetry. Read Chad Redden’s piece from Below, Below. Read poems: OBVIOUSLY I AM GLAD and SMELL by Robert Duncan Gray. Read: alligators in Justin Carter’s poem, MY FATHER CATCHES A LIVE ALLIGATOR. Read all of the things.

Poetry Daily posted this lovely poem about Nebraska and other things from TriQuarterly by Ada Limon: TATTOO THEORY.

There’s this killer poem – SUMMER JOB, JULY – by Sophie Klahr at Revolver:

“All the butcher boys have eyes like movie stars—

languid heart-throbs in their white coats
among the carcasses. A tan blonde

with bruises flowering in the ditch of his arm
bikes across the parking lot, and off along the highway.”