ROMANTICS: Texts Inspired by Matthew Salesses’ I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying | February 15, 2013

Three killer new things today from a trio of great writers.

Dave Housley brings you LET THE WATER HOLD ME DOWN – a song-story of dreams and fish.

Mike Scalise’s DETROIT, 2011, a story, a text of love and heights and planes: “For two years now I’ve been thinking: how much of that did I mean? Or better, how much did the altitude allow me to? As the 747 angled its nose down maybe Annie was thinking something similar, because as I gripped my kneecap and tried to look calm, Annie, now weeping, thought I, of all people, was the fit enough to answer the question, ‘Are we going to be okay?'”

And, the third text, a pick-up line by Jensen Beach – Y2K Superman.