Joshua Mohr’s FIGHT SONG Book Blog Tour

As part of the book blog tour for Joshua Mohr’s FIGHT SONG release, The Next Best Book Blog and Lori Hettler asked Sundog Lit to contribute to the project & promotion. Managing/Founding Editor Justin Lawrence Daugherty chatted with author Joshua Mohr about the book, fights, vice, indie lit, book promotion, and other things.

DISCLAIMER: Because of an unfortunate technical issue with the podcast software [one that could not be fixed with sound editing programs], there is a track of static running HARD through the podcast after ten minutes in. After considerable sweat and toil, it was clear there was nothing to be done. However, we thought it would be a crime to allow Joshua’s thoughts on writing, the book, and life to go unheard – and, we REALLY wanted to celebrate this wonderful novel – so, we’ll let you be the judge.