Friday Rex | February 22, 2013

Some big stuff this week, some heart-rending stuff, stuff to make your bones quiver.

First, a sort-of-love story from Robert Kloss in the new issue of Corium – THE SOULS OF ALLIGATORS. From the story: “He owned the skiffs and he owned their silent drift through the black water rivers and while some questioned this assertion he owned the rivers and all within them too (or he hunted all within and murdered them until he did own them). And he owned what he made of them: the steaks, the chops, the loins, the pickled organs, the skull bone ashtrays and jawbone paper weights, the boots and shoes, the handbags, the jackets, the wallets, the wristwatch bands, the medicine they ground the bones into, the necklaces they made of the teeth. And he owned the wagons heaped with alligator corpses.”

Also, from Corium, SDL favorite Delaney Nolan has OTHER LIVING and A NORTHERN STATE. You should probably read the entire issue because Corium’s always great.

Big new issue of The Collagist this week, too, with this pair of tales from Sam Martone from For a Time I Lived There.

There are three lovely pieces by Issue One contributor Daniel Romo (and author of When Kerosene’s Involved, reviewed by Andrea Beltran on the Blog) over at Connotation Press.

xTx brings this excellent Thanksgiving tale: HOW TO DEAL WITH A BLACK EYE ON THANKSGIVING over at vol. 1 Brooklyn.

J. Bradley’s awesome Jesus Christ, Boy Detective series w/ this installment – now online – at the Whole Beast Rag: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE SHAFT.