Announcing Follow the Blood: Tales Inspired By the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

Thrilled to announce this morning that Sundog Lit is publishing its first ebook – Follow the Blood: tales inspired by Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew” – for your download TODAY.

Follow the Blood features tales inspired by the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew by:

Matthew Salesses | Gabriel Blackwell | James Tadd Adcox |Molly Gaudry | Andrew Borgstrom | Lindsay Hunter | Kate Racculia | xTx | Ben Spivey | Jamie Iredell | Cynthia Reeser |Robert Kloss | J.A. Tyler | Amber Sparks

Follow the Blood may be downloaded with a $3 donation & all proceeds go to benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Follow the Blood was compiled and edited by Robert Kloss and Gregory Sherl.

The cover of Follow the Blood was designed and created by Kate Racculia.

Go to to get your copy now!