Announcing SDL’s 1st THEME ISSUE – GAMES

Submissions for Sundog Lit’s first THEME ISSUE are now OPEN!

This issue’s theme is GAMES.

We’re looking for all that great lit – fiction, creative nonfiction (personal narrative, hybrid, lyric, segmented essays, heavily-researched essays), poetry – that deals with games, with playing, with sport.

We’re leaving that interpretation up to you, the writer. Video game lit. Baseball lit. Games of the heart lit. Bareknuckle lit. Game of Thrones lit (maybe). Be earth-scorching (as always), be edgy, be fiery, be interpretive.

Submissions open TODAY – March 1 – and will run until June 1st.

Brian Oliu will be guest editing & curating the issue, along with SDL Founding/Managing Editor Justin Lawrence Daugherty. Melt our brains, our faces.

We’re looking for your work of 2,000 words or less. Up to 3 pieces of flash fiction/nonfiction (up to 1,000 words) or 3 poems in one submission. Or, one piece up to 2,000 words.

Simultaneous subs are fine (you know the drill), though we hope you’re writing something based on the theme and not just cramming an existing piece in there, hoping it fits.

Also, we’ll be looking for theme artwork/photography, too!

Go to our submissions page and fire away!