Friday Rex | March 29, 2013

Want a cannibal tale? Of course you do! Read Rachel Lyon’s CANNIBAL, from the new SmokeLong Quarterly Issue Thirty-Nine.

Issue Two contributor Kara Vernor has a new story in the new SmokeLong, too – DAVID HASSLEHOFF IS FROM BALTIMORE:

“Here’s what you get instead: jagged cliffs covered in seagull shit. You get wet wind. You get big-armed bearded men who ride Harley’s, and tie-dyed, wrinkled women who smell like lavender. You get a runny nose and damp feet and an icy ocean that couldn’t care less about red swimsuits. It says fuck you red swimsuit, I am busy tearing at land. I will tear until I reach the Atlantic.”

How about a comic? Try out WORMS & GUINEA PIGS at Hobart by Stefan P. Kruszewski, M.D., Kevin Somers, and Heinz Insu Fenkl.

Laura Straub brings this rad little story about Ke$ha in KE$HA, I HOPE YOUR SKULL IS MADE OF SUGAR at Nap.

Since we’re big fans of Brandi Wells over here, we thought we’d share 3 stories by her over at Wigleaf:

“he can’t figure out how to work all the levers. there are buttons that make no sense. he pulls a lever and the wife cry-dances.”

There’s a new JMWW this week featuring some lovely work. Check out Jess Stoner’s THE CHECK THROAT OF A HOUSE ISN’T EVIDENCE OF A TRUE HEART.

On April 5, Origami Zoo Press – headed up by the lovelies Rebecca King and Sam Martone – launches AN ELEGY FOR MATHEMATICS by Anne Valente. You want this book. You do. If you were on Twitter/Facebook this week, you might have caught EiC Justin telling you how great it is. Here’s a taste, from Necessary Fiction: ARTIFACT 18: HE WHO FINDS IT LIVES FOREVER and MAY THIS STRAP RESTRAIN YOU. And, when you buy the book – as you SHOULD – get the deluxe version with all kinds of goodies.