Friday Rex | April 5, 2013

You need some Kanye and Jay Z poems in your life? Well: Aaron Burch has this thing at Everyday Genius for you.

From the new issue of SmokeLong, check out this beautiful story from Jennifer Howard, AMATEUR TRAILMAKING FOR $1600:

She likes things on Facebook like God’s last name isn’t dammit, and I don’t understand how he was with her last winter. Maybe he had dranken too much beer with her after work, and I had already left. Left him days, minutes, whatever, before he put his hands on her, me stomping away in my size 10 boots, my XL coat, and I suppose she was sweet to him.

I’m late to this party, but Brian Allen Carr writes some monster sentences. For instance, THE LEMONADE TYCOON in Puritan Magazine will make your eyes and brain and soul ache in the best way.

The wonderful Carrie Murphy and Gina Abelkop have started a project in honor of National Poetry Month: 30xLace – 30 poets sharing a poem and recommending a book of poetry that they love. Check it out.

It’s Opening Week in MLB and Hobart has dedicated the month to baseball. Why not start by checking out Stewart O’Nan predicting the 2013 season?